Stop the Pollution

Albert Bates

Our children will grow up in a world that will be uniquely impacted by the environmental challenges facing us today. In order to prepare them to feel empowered to be part of the solution, they need to know the facts, and see examples of innovative ideas already taking place.

TAMING PLASTIC: Stop the Pollution by Albert Bates—written for middle-school children—breaks down a complex subject and examines why this problem has reached a global crisis point. Bates identifies the different types of plastic, the health risks for humans and animals, and why recycling often isn’t the answer. In order to curb our plastic legacy, kids learn about creating renewable, biodegradable options; new technologies that can process the plastic we have; and what is needed from government and companies going forward.

Young readers are encouraged to join Bates as an  Emergency Planetary Technician. He provides specific actions each of them can take on a daily basis to act more consciously and live a more plastics-free life. 

Illustrated with many engaging photos, the book presents up-to-date facts and ideas for change. As teen activist Greta Thunberg has demonstrated, young adults can be a huge catalyst for transformation. Taming Plastics will play an important role in motivating these future leaders.

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