Saving Our Ocean

Albert Bates

AVAILABLE AUGUST    Book Two: Planetary Solutions series

  • Raises awareness about the current ocean crisis
  • Fosters a dialogue between kids and their families with regard to the environment
  • Inspires young adults to become EPTs (Emergency Planetary Technicians)

Modern technologies have wreaked havoc on the ocean’s biodiversity, which affects not just sea life but all life on the planet. Environmentalist Albert Bates teaches students about currents and tides, the ocean’s food pyramid, what is meant by “blue acceleration,” and what causes an imbalanced ecosystem. The two biggest changes to the ocean’s health—overfishing and pollution—are explored in-depth.  

The effects of climate change which include melting ice caps and strong storms may be alarming. But Bates delivers hope, highlighting new measures, such as global blue carbon initiatives, salt marsh and seagrass protections, and coral reef restoration that can regenerate and revitalize the ocean. Young people are empowered with the knowledge that what they do today can turn the tide and make a significant difference.


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Price: $14.95
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