pH Balance

Just enough pH paper to sample what our pH test kits have to offer!

Price: $4.95

This handy pocket card lists everyday items from the major food groups under alkaline forming, acid forming, and HIGHLY acid forming foods. Also included is a chart listing typical food weights to aid anyone trying to follow a healthful diet. The pocket card fits easily in most purses or pockets. This card is also part of the ful Home Test pH Kit.

Price: $1.95

 For the budget minded, this is the perfect option for when you run out of test material, but don't need another full kit.

Price: $8.95

Finally, pH testing made easy. This self-test Home Test pH Kit™ for urine or saliva is a simple and inexpensive tool anyone can use for accurate on-the-spot readings. The kit gives you enough testing material for 120 pH tests along with a 40 page book loaded with easy to understand pH basics. Included is a handy Acid/Alkaline Basic Foods Pocket Card and bookmark.

Price: $22.95

If you're looking for an introduction to pH balance this practical guide is the answer.

Price: $9.95

The Home Test pH Kit Refill provides enough test material for 120 tests and uses the same high quality pH paper that is in the full Home Test pH Kit. This is the perfect solution when you run out of test material, but don't need another full kit.

Price: $17.95


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