The Healing Power of Turmeric

From the introduction to The Healing Power of Turmeric

Despite the concerted efforts of conventional medical practitioners and scientific researchers to understand and effectively deal with both acute and chronic diseases, little has changed in well over fifty years in terms of how most common ailments are assessed and treated. Chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular and neurodegenerative conditions, diabetes, cancers, respiratory illnesses, and stroke comprise 46 percent of the total global disease burden and account for 59 percent of deaths worldwide. And these numbers aren’t decreasing; alarmingly, they’re on an upswing.

Diet: Only Hope for Arthritis

Article by Dr. John McDougall, MD.
People’s Most Common Affliction
Diseases of the muscles and bones are among the most common of all human afflictions, affecting all ages, but becoming more prevalent with years. Government surveys indicate in the United States approximately 33% of adults currently suffer from troublesome arthritis with symptoms of swelling, limitation of motion, or pain. Approximately half of all people over 65 years report having arthritis. The regions of the body most affected are the neck, lower back, hip and shoulder.

Dairy Products and Prostate Cancer

Dairy products may increase your risk of death from prostate cancer, according to a study published in the International Journal of Cancer.

Five Healthy Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Article by Kimatni D. Rawlinss for PCRM
It’s no enigmatic secret that Father’s Day clearly doesn’t bring the excitement and allure in relation to the celebratory activities that mothers receive on their day of recognition, which is fine because mothers are the foundation of human existence. Their nine-month nurturing alone holds enough weight to debate any philosopher on the comparative subject matter. Nevertheless, I would like to see additional efforts put forth on everyone’s part to strengthen the acknowledgment toward this special observance day for dads and the families they support.

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