VOICES from THE FARM: Second Edition

Adventures in Community Living

Rupert Fike

In 1971, at the height of the counter-culture movement, several hundred hippies drove their school buses into southern Tennessee and founded America's largest, modern-day intentional community, The Farm. In its heyday, the community was home to more than 1,500 optimistic young people and the young-at-heart. Their purpose for coming together was a quest for personal grown and an alternative lifestyles that could help raise the standard of living for impoverished people around the world while conserving the planet's resources.

The results of these experiments were not always predictable, although always interesting, and created lasting bonds among community members that are still strong today.The Farm remains a vibrant, working environment for change. Why has it lasted so long? Discover the answers as members past and present recount some of their more memorable experiences. This revised edition also includes many never-before published classic images from The Farm's early years.

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