SPROUTS The Miracle Food

The Complete Guide to Sprouting

Steve Meyerowitz

Say goodbye to pesticides and preservatives. Let your kitchen be your garden. No soil required and no green thumb necessary. In just one week, you can enjoy pounds of delicious young organic vegetables. Your salad bowl will come alive with tender buckwheat lettuce, hearty baby sunflower, crispy sweet pea greens, piquant radicchio, garlicky chives and much more. As baby plants, spouts are bursting with concentrated nutrition and provide the secret cell factors and phytochemicals that enrich our health and longevity in ways that can never be captured in a pill.

You'll learn step-by-step how to grow delicious indoor greens and baby vegetables in just one week from seed to salad. And you'll learn a variety of sprouting techniques from beginner to advanced, information on sprouting beans and grains, different types of seeds available, the nutritional values of sprouted foods, storage tips, and more.

Includes illustrations, photos, and charts.

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