Reduce Your Risk with Simple, Proactive Choices

Benny Gavi
MD and Maya Eylon

YOUR CHANCES OF DEVELOPING PROSTATE CANCER CAN BE GREATLY DECREASED! Prostate cancer is the second most frequent malignancy in men worldwide. Common treatments include surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, and chemotherapy, but these interventions can have devastating side effects. The exciting news is that scientists and physicians are starting to believe that prostate cancer may be preventable through simple lifestyle changes.  This means that YOU have the power to reduce your risk!

Internist Benny Gavi, MD, and clinical researcher Maya Elyon have reviewed hundreds of scientific articles from around the globe on the topic of lifestyle and prostate cancer and consolidated them into easy-to-understand data. At-risk men and those who have been newly diagnosed can read this research with their loved ones and caregivers to make fully informed decisions about their health care.

Studies show that three factors have the greatest influence in preventing prostate cancer:  diet, body weight and physical activity, and periodic screenings. Each of these goals is within reach. Find out about key compounds that can help prevent prostate cancer that are found in cruciferous vegetables (glucosinolates), tomatoes (lypcopene), soy foods (isoflavones), and green tea (catechins). Discover how weight reduction and daily exercise decrease fatality rates and make dietary changes more effective. And learn why routine screenings are of equal importance and which ones are best for you.

Put these prostate-protective recommendations into action today and take back control of your health!

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