What to Expect While Living the Life of Ultimate Freedom and Tranquility

Gary Collins

Set aside any worries that living off the grid means a life without comfort and convenience or that it will be too challenging for you and your family to handle. Author Gary Collins literally wrote the book on how to transition to a life off the grid. After almost a decade of walking the walk, he's sharing his successes and failures alike so you can live the simple life without missing out on creature comforts.

You'll find a comprehensive rundown of what this unique lifestyle looks like in practice, with complex topics distilled into easy-to-apply lessons:

  • discover strategies for running a business while remaining mostly unplugged.
  • explore ways to remain socially and professionally connected.
  • find out how to make the most of your newfound freedom and decreased cost of living.
  • learn how to avoid mistakes, expensive errors, and bonehead blunders.

Filled with practical instruction, time-saving tips, and hard-earned wisdom from a man who's been there, done that, this guide is invaluable to anyone considering an off-the-grid lifestyle.

"Gary Collins wrote Living Off The Grid to bring people down to earth to the realities of living with less, making sacrifices, and choosing your priorities wisely. Very sensibly, he suggests buying a small RV, or at the very least renting one to live in while your off-grid home is built. Water is a top priority. Gary provides a kilowatt formula for figuring out how much electricity you will be using and then adding, hopefully, two forms of electrical power to reach your kilowatt goal. Dishwasher? Hot water? TV? Computer? Refrigerator? Stove? You can provide yourself with as many amenities as you like, but you’ll have to power them. Can you afford to add some form of wind power? Not many people will live near enough to a stream to adapt some hydroelectricity.
"Rugged individualists have an appeal all their own. Gary Collins is devoted to his off-grid way of life. He runs a website about it, writes books about it, and answers people’s questions about it. Living Off The Grid is a follow-up to his first book, Going Off The Grid. The first book is about making the move, and this second book is a how-to manual for good planning and what to expect. A place to build should be thoughtfully chosen. How far away from people do you want to go? Or how close? Either way, the author suggests that you tap into the off-grid community, as they will understand your lifestyle and be a generous and helpful resource. I have to admit that I was expecting this book to be more about living like a subsistence farmer, hardscrabble farming the land, and following a team of oxen as they pull your manual plow. I was way off. Living Off The Grid is extremely entertaining, informative, and passionate. I enjoyed it very much." - Reviewed By Java Davis for Readers’ Favorite

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