An Introduction to the Science of Iridology and Its Relation to Nutrition

Bernard Jensen

IRIDOLOGY SIMPLIFIED is a great introduction to a practice that brings an awareness of how to prevent disease. Eyes are not only windows to our souls, but in this case are portals to good health.

Bernard Jensen, a nutritionist who pioneered iridology in the United States, wrote Iridology Simplified as an introduction to a science that he believed was an important element in a total, holistic health care program. Iridology analyzes the delicate structures of the iris to reveal inflammation, where it is located and at what stage it is manifesting. Jensen developed a comprehensive chart which maps the regions of the iris to various body systems. This chart remains today as one of the most thorough and accurate indications of the reflexive relationship between the iris and our physical health.

Readers are given an explanation of how the chart works, including detailed illustrations of iris topography showing individual systems charts, with over two dozen color photographs of irises indicating stages of different ailments. Jensen believed that the imbalances found through iridology could be remedied by taking the essential vitamins and minerals that help construct the tissues and organs in question. The book also includes an Iridology Nutrition Chart that matches herbs and minerals with corresponding body systems and a listing of Mineral Deficiency Symptoms and Mineral Analysis chart to assist in making a proper assessment of which minerals are needed for specific problems.


"Iridology Simplified by Dr. Bernard Jensen is an old friend, one I have shared with many hundreds of students and clients all over the world since it was first published in the early part of the 20th Century. It inspires, clarifies and instructs, and even though time has passed, and new books have arrived on the Iridology horizon, it is still a favorite. When I brought Dr. Jensen to Cambridge, England in 1981, his enthusiasm for this work was thrilling, and that enthusiasm is distilled beautifully in this very useful book, and I love the size, fits easily in any briefcase or purse, and is of great assistance when explaining iridology to a new client." Farida Sharan

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