Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally

Sorrel Davis

It seems that almost every year a new viral epidemic emerges, leaving people around the world feeling frightened and helpless. In many instances, no vaccine or medicine exists to prevent or treat the outbreak, and developing a virus-specific antidote, if one can even be found, may take many years. In the meantime, what are we to do?

Natural-health advocate Sorrel Davis explains the nature of viruses in terms laypeople can understand and explains why these often pathogenic organisms are so tenacious and difficult to defend against. She also discusses established treatments and prevention methods and provides simple techniques available to everyone to guard against viral infections. The heart of the book covers the promising herbs being studied for their antiviral capacities and how they’re currently being used by herbal practitioners and alternative healers.

The naturally active antivirals in these plants may help fill the gaps in conventional medicine by boosting human immunity against harmful microbes and lessening the severity or duration of an infection.

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