How to Care for Fruit Trees in the CIty

Susan Poizner

Fruit trees are delicate and need specialized care, especially when they’re planted in an urban environment, which comes with its own unique challenges. Whether you want to plant a single fruit tree or an entire orchard, this book will show you how to save time and money and be successful right from the start.

Susan Poizner is the director of Orchard People Fruit Tree Care Consulting and Education. She guides novices and experts alike through every step of the process. She shows you how to select an "easier to care for" fruit tree that will thrive in your conditions, how to plant and care for young trees, how to assess the soil and select the right fertilizer, and how to prune your trees annually to improve tree health and productivity. This vast wealth of knowledge is accompanied by illustrations and color photos, along with inspiring stories of urban orchards and food forests.

From assessing soil to selecting the right fertilizer, from pruning trees to choosing the proper tools, and from boosting biodiversity to preventing pests and diseases, no leaf is left unturned. This vast wealth of knowledge is accompanied by illustrations and color photos, along with inspiring stories of orchards and tree farms.

Susan Poizner is an award-winning author, journalist, urban orchardist, and fruit tree care educator based in Toronto, Canada. She trains arborists, master gardeners, community orchardists, and home orchardists in fruit tree care skills through her in-person and online workshops, webinars, monthly newsletters, and monthly radio show and podcast. For more information, visit Susan's website.

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