Creating Homemade Plant-Based Meats

Skye Michael Conroy

Unlock the secrets to replicating the appearance, textures, and flavors of meat . . . using just plants!  Chef Skye Michael Conroy has revolutionized the art of crafting plant-based meat analogues that are hearty enough to sink your teeth into.  With detailed instructions and mouthwatering food photography throughout, this cookbook is a welcome introduction to making seitan (aka “gluten meat” or “vital wheat gluten”) and showcasing its versatility. Vegan cooks everywhere will soon be able to break away from commercial products and experience a new dimension of possibilities. And being homemade also means being able to select more wholesome ingredients and save money in the process.

From nostalgic comfort foods and old family favorites to dishes derived from a multitude of cultures and traditions, learn how to prepare zesty chickun, robust beaf, or juicy porq prepared into succulent roasts, tender cutlets, toothsome steaks, and kebabs.  Or delve into hard salami, pepperoni, and hand-rolled sausages, Country-style Ribz, Tandoori Chikun, Sweet-and-Smoky Bacun, or Classic Pot Roast.  Among the 100+ recipes to choose from is a  section on seasoning blends, rubs, gravies, sauces and glazes  that add the perfect finishing touch.

These dishes will convince family and friends of all dietary persuasions that a plant-based diet has plenty to offer and nothing to lose. 


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