Revised and Annotated Edition

Stephen Gaskin

“I was thinking of inside and outside, and as above so below, that what goes on inside of you is the same as what you make go on outside of you, and that everything that we manifest at the level of us here on the Caravan—what is it, a hundred and fifty of us, two hundred maybe?—is a microcosm of all of mankind. So we're out here working it out for everybody as we're passing through.” — Stephen Gaskin

After five years of teaching Monday Night Class in San Francisco, Stephen Gaskin was invited by a group of ministers to speak at churches and colleges across the country. On Columbus Day, 1970 he left California in an old school bus, followed by about 250 of his faithful students. Stephen and his group covered more than 8,000 miles as he spoke about religion, karma, social change, and peace. When the tour was complete, the members of the Caravan went back out on the road to find land and start the community known as The Farm.

The transcripts of Stephen’s talks during this tour were first published in 1972, and are presented in this revised edition, along with stories from Stephen about the genesis of the Caravan and events that happened along the way. Filled with photographs from over thirty years ago and annotated with Stephen’s contemporary reflections, this volume provides an historical record of a modern social movement whose lasting impact can be seen in numerous aspects of today’s alternative lifestyle.

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