Art Ludwig

Art Ludwig

Art Ludwig is an ecological-systems designer whose mission is to develop systems and share information for a higher quality of life with reduced ecological impact.

Designing optimal, integrated processes has been Art’s day job since 1980. His specialty is complex, deep-green “systems of systems” for water, wastewater, energy, shelter, and transportation. He takes a serious engineer’s eye to developing simple, mostly DIY solutions that work long term.

Art has studied and worked in 27 countries, attaining fluency in five languages. He has consulted for the states of New York, California, and New Mexico on water-reuse policy and building codes and has given dozens of lectures and workshops.

Many of Art’s innovations have been adopted worldwide and incorporated into building codes.

All of his work is available in the public domain, including his “laundry to landscape” and “branched drain” greywater systems.


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