Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Article from PCRM. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 17 percent of children in the United States aged 2-19 are obese.1 Obese children and adolescents are at risk for a multitude of diseases and conditions. So what is at risk? What are some of the problems or complications in which childhood obesity effects children now and in the future?

PurePlant Summit

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Plant-Based Diets Best for Type 2 Diabetes

Article by PCRM. A plant-based diet is best for those with type 2 diabetes, according to a review published online in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes.

Sense of Smell and Your Health

Article by the National Institutes of Health. What Your Nose Knows.
Your sense of smell enriches your experience of the world around you. Different scents can change your mood, transport you back to a distant memory, and may even help you bond with loved ones. Your ability to smell also plays a key role in your health. If your ability to smell declines, it can affect your diet and nutrition, physical well-being, and everyday safety.

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