Protein Demand is Destroying Our Planet

Article from Dr. Neal Barnard's blog. In 90 percent of the world’s countries and territories, people eat more protein than they need, according to a new report. In the United States, 21 percent of adults consider themselves protein deficient. But in reality, the average American exceeds estimated daily protein requirements by nearly 70 percent.

Herbal Healing for Children

From the introduction to Herbal Healing for Children. At a time when an increasing number of families lack health insurance or adequate coverage, more and more parents are turning to herbal medicines to treat their children. Parents know many common childhood illnesses and conditions do not necessarily require the inevitable long waits in doctors’ offices or prescriptions for powerful, expensive medicines. They want something gentler that won’t break the bank but will still help their children feel better and get well.

Food Allergy Survival Guide

From the introduction to Food Allergy Survival Guide There was a time when people believed that a health-supportive diet had to be centered on animal products. Eggs were revered as the gold standard among proteins. Milk was described as nature’s perfect food. Fish was included in menus at least once or twice a week. Balancing this mix with a little plant food was wheat, considered the staff of life.

Vegetarian Diets Best for the Environment and Human Health

Article by PCRM. Vegetarian and vegan diets are best for the environment and human health, according to research published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Researchers assessed several regional models that incorporated environmental, economic, and health impacts associated with a dietary change in the future. Diets compared included proportional reduction in animal products, reduced or meat-free diets, and diets based on current health standards.

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