A Simple, Efficient, Economical, Easy-to-Use Greywater System

Art Ludwig

This DVD was designed for homeowners, renters, landscapers, plumbers, and contractors and shows how to save freshwater by irrigating with laundry washwater, relieve strain on your septic tank, and purify wastewater better without energy or chemicals.

Laundry to Landscape is an open-source collaborative, state-of-the-art design initiated and curated by ecological designer Art Ludwig. Simple, elegant, and unpatented, it uses off-the-shelf components. It covers how-to basics for homeowners and renters. with extensive information on tools, parts, installation tricks, options, and special situations that may arise. 90 minutes

"Core curriculum for green plumbers and water conservationists."
—Christina Bertea, contractor, first California journeywoman plumber

"The best video on everything you need to know about a simple, effective greywater system for your home garden. Get the latest direct from the greywater save the planet."
—Robert Kourik, author, Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates

"Everything you need to know to put your greywater to work once it's done with your clothes...Ar's a knowledgeable genius. Thoughtful and thought-provoking.
—Michael Potts, author The New Independent Home

"The depths of greywater have been brought to the light in this easy-to-understand video. Art cares deeply and acts accordingly so that his exhaustive knowledge is accessible to all.
—Laura Bartels, Sustainable Building Consultant, GreenWeaver, Inc.

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Price: $19.95
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