Vegan Dishes for Semi-Vegan Households

Ellen Jaffe Jones

What do you do if you’re vegan, but your spouse, partner, roommate, or another family member isn't? In this diplomatic and eminently practical guide to achieving household harmony, Ellen Jaffe Jones (author of the bestselling Eat Vegan on $4 a Day), addresses the heated issues that can arise when vegans and meat-eaters share the same kitchen. Speaking both from first-hand experience and using suggestions gleaned from her network of cooking students, social media groups, and other vegans, Ellen diplomatically maps out workable approaches along with guidelines on how to implement them. Cooking and coping can be fun, and the emphasis throughout the book is to entice rather than preach.

Tantalizing aromas lure many to sample new dishes and a satisfied stomach speaks volumes. Fun and easy-to-prepare recipes are designed to fit into a variety of menu plans. Soups, salads, and desserts are easily common ground. Satisfying dishes that use meat and dairy alternatives, hearty meals where meat won’t be missed, flex dishes that lend themselves to animal products being added, and versatile sides that vegans can adapt as a main course offer a myriad of accommodating choices. KITCHEN DIVIDED will help readers bridge their dietary differences and keep mealtimes a delicious and pleasant experience.

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