JUICING — for the HEALTH of IT!

Release the Healing Power of Plants for Optimum Health

Siegfried Gursche

We can drink far more juice than we can comfortably eat whole fruits or vegetables. As a result, freshly pressed juices are a natural powerhouse of concentrated vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. The nutrients in juices are quickly digested and easily assimilated-sometimes in a matter of minutes.

This title provides scientific information on all aspects of juicing from the therapeutic uses of vegetable juices to the importance of live enzymes present in fresh juice. The author explains the tremendous health benefits to be gained and shows how fresh-pressed juices can boost energy, increase circulation, strengthen the immune system, fight cancer, and ease stomach ailments.

You'll find useful information on the types of juicers available, as well as recipes for numerous health ailments such as acne, angina, high blood pressure, and insomnia.

Full-color photos throughout.

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