Beth Robbins

.Beth Robbins was married to Steve Meyerowitz, who was a highly respected authority on living foods and juicing and a major influence in the health industry for decades. In A Grief Sublime, the author conveys her deeply personal experience of dealing with Steve’s untimely death in a manner that can bring solace to anyone going through the grieving process. 

The story begins when a police car pulls into the driveway and informs the author that her husband was killed in a car crash. In an amazing configuration of memoir, poetry, meditation, and imagination that is deeply moving, you'll follow Robbins as she ricochets between the splintered past and the present, and finds salvation through Keats, Whitman, Melville, and Dickinson, who welcome her into the realm of literature where imagination meets experience in new and profound ways.

This book is an extraordinary journey that interweaves literature and poetry into a multi-dimensional world where despair can be transformed into hope and self-discovery. The true events of A Grief Sublime were adapted itno a short film in 2019, directed by Academy Award winner Cynthia Wade.


"Luminous, breathtaking, A Grief Sublime takes us gently by the hand and beckons us to walk beyond the edges of pain into a transcendent world where the dead and living co-exist."  Cynthia Wade

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