Using the Opposites Approach to Change Your Fattitudes

Ryan Andrews

If you’ve tried every weight loss regimen out there and nothing works, Ryan Andrews is about to give you a reality check. Ryan will offer you words of encouragement, but he’ll also tell it like it is: here’s how you got fat in the first place.

Using this “opposites” approach to behavioral learning with a humorous, take-no-prisoners style, Andrews examines our “fattitudes”: habits, dietary choices, and beliefs that guarantee more body fat, less muscle, more risk for disease, and, ultimately, a shorter life span. If you’d rather have a lifetime of better health and lose weight for good, you’ll know just what NOT to do after reading this book.

In their place a new set of weight management skills are provided that include the basic fundamentals of healthy nutrition. Embracing lifestyle changes that include eating breakfast, getting more sleep, and exercising for fun are seen as effective strategies that work.

Drop The Fat Act & Live Lean shows readers how the ability to make good decisions on everyday choices is the real formula for success.

Ryan Andrews is a registered dietitian and a strength and conditioning specialist. He’s written dozens of research articles on nutrition, exercise, and health, and coauthored The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition Certification Manual. Ryan currently serves as director of education for the Precision Nutrition team, a group of professionals dedicated to helping people achieve lasting personal change through diet and exercise (precisionnutrition.com.) Check out Ryan's video interview.

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