Brenda Davis
Bryanna Clark Grogan
Jo Stepaniak

Many of our favorite comfort foods are dairy-based, such as apple pie and ice cream, macaroni and cheese, cookies dipped in milk, or pizza with extra cheese. If you're someone who has to avoid dairy products you can still enjoy all the richness and flavor of your favorite dishes. Over 100 tempting, easy, and delicious recipes for managing milk allergy and lactose intolerance are written by two renowned vegan chefs, Bryanna Clark Grogan and Jo Stepaniak.

Dietitian and nutrition expert Brenda Davis offers concise yet comprehensive information that will help you find out whether you have lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy; learn to recognize those not-so-obvious dairy ingredients in prepared foods, and discover the vast array of convenient nondairy substitutes and learn how to use them.

She also explains why getting enough calcium doesn't depend only on how much calcium you eat but how much you retain, which calcium supplements are the best, which foods will rob you of calcium, and which foods are calcium powerhouses. Includes home tests to help determine dairy allergies and tables listing the breakdown of lactose in popular foods.

Mac and Cheese, Pizza, Spinach Ricotta Dumplings, and Quiche are but a few of the main dishes to enjoy. From breakfast through desserts, there's a recipe that will fit your every craving. Instead of feeling restricted, you'll delight in the variety and innovative ideas you'll discover.

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